Community Standards

1. In order to enhance the community management of VEMO LIVE and provide the users a healthy and harmonious platform for both talent show and appreciation, VEMO Live reserves the right to control violations in content and behavior.

2. VEMO Live users shall comply with the relevant local laws and regulations as well as Community Standards of VEMO LIVE, otherwise, he or she would be punished for the violations, which would be graded by the VEMO Live according to a comprehensive evaluation of the violation intention, time and other objective factors .

3. This standards is applicable to all the community content, including but not limited to broadcasting, videos, pictures, user behavior, etc.

4. The users could make an appeal against the punishment.

5. VEMO Live reserves the right of final explanation of all the punishment.


In addition to the User Agreement, please read the regulations listed below. This standards would be amended from time to time according to the development of VEMO LIVE community and platform.

Serious Violations (Class A)

1. Publication of anti-state and anti-government remarks or behavior insulting the government and state is strictly prohibited.

        1. Endangering state security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity.

        2. Harming national honor and interests.

        3. Inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, or undermining national unity.

        4. Undermining national religion policy, damaging social order and peace and personal morality.

        5. Spreading violence, terror or abetting the commission of crimes.

        6. Organizing unlawful assembly, mobbing or disturbing social order.

        7. Inciting religious and racial discrimination.

2. Broadcasting live streaming involving sexual behavior, health-threatening content, pornographic content, sensitive political issues or copyright infringement or videos and prostitution advertisement is prohibited.

3. Displaying sexual organ or other private body parts is strictly prohibited, eg. touching sensitive parts , displaying female breast, hips, inner thighs and genital of female and male, wearing see-through clothes etc.

4. Broadcasting gambling is strictly prohibited, gambling live streaming or inciting others to gamble.

5. Broadcasting drugs distribution is strictly prohibited, eg. displaying drug samples or relevant performance, drug-taking, injection, or interpretation of drug-making procedure etc.

6. Privacy infringement, harming other’s security, endangering public interests, invading others safety and cruelty animals is strictly prohibited.

7. Others behavior involving pornography (e.g. moaning), politics, gambling or drug is strictly prohibited.

8. Publicizing competing products, poaching,unlawful deal of diamonds or beans and fraud is strictly prohibited.

9. Broadcasting speech involving terrorism, extremism, war, and religion violations is not allowed.

10. Promotion of sexual toys, aphrodisiac or posting misleading part-time job recruitment information is strictly prohibited.

11. It's prohibited to conduct any behavior that could damage the interest of the official platform;

        1. It's prohibited to impersonate VEMO LIVE to send any information or links;

        2. It's prohibited to conduct any activity in the name of the VEMO LIVE without permission;

        3. It's prohibited to use the VEMO Live official avatar or the key word like 'VEMO LIVE' in the personal profile without the official authorization.


General violations (Class B)

1. The Dress Code for Hosts:

        Hosts should wear appropriately. Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing is prohibited.

            1. Tops: Underwear outside is prohibited.

            2. Bottoms: The hem of your skirt or shorts should not be above your hip.

            3. Men are not allowed be bare-chested.

            4. Showing bra or underpants is prohibited.

            5. Women are strictly forbidden to expose deep cleavage.


        Skimpy outfits, see-through looks, flesh tights, fishnet stockings, garters, thongs, panties, briefs, low waist shorts or any clothes with sexually suggestive meaning in text or graphs is not allowed.


            1. Swimmingsuit is allowed when broadcasting on the beach or in the pool.

            2. Boxing/Gym: Shirtless is not allowed. Only vest or sports suit is acceptable.

2. Rules of Conduct:

        1. All behavior while drinking or after drinking is prohibited.

        2. Smoking or drinking is not allowed.

        3. Any other indecent performance, sexually suggestive acts and voices are prohibited.

3. Rules of Speech:

        1. Defamation, abuse or verbal attack is prohibited.

        2. Harassment or molestation is prohibited.

        3. Any content or activity involving pornography, sexual content to foster an indecent atmosphere is prohibited.

        4. Distributing unauthorized advertisements against state laws and VEMO LIVE policies or illegal advertisements is prohibited. Illegal advertisement like adult products, guns, saber, crossbow, porn, care products, cigarette, aphrodisiac and venereal diseases treatment.

4. Rules of Broadcasting Places and Circumstances:

        1. Restrictions on erotic entertainment venues like bath center.

        2. Singing and broadcasting erotic music is prohibited.

        3. No live streaming on competing live stream platforms.

        4. In addition to rules above, other people's inappropriate behavior and attire like smoking, shirtless, naked should be avoided in the camera when broadcasting.

        5. When broadcasting, hosts are not allowed to broadcast negative content like sleeping, leaving camera for long time, blank screen or not showing up for long time.

        6. Broadcast or retransmission of live shows, movies or television programs without authorization is not allowed.


        Content Instruction:

        1. During broadcasting as guest, if conducting violation Class A or Class B, guest will be punished according to violation of Class A or Class B.

        2. The platform rules apply to users at all ages.

        3. If avatars and covers conduct violation of Class A or Class B, the avatars and covers will be banned and users are forbidden to upload new avatars or covers in 24 hours or 1 hour.

        4. In counties where juveniles broadcasting is not allowed, juveniles are nmeiyot allowed to broadcast.


Breach of Agreement

1. Class A Violation

For the first time violation, VEMO LIVE will terminate your account.

2. Class B Violation

1. For the first time violation, your account will be suspended from broadcasting for 30 minutes.

2. For the second time violation, your account will be suspended from broadcasting for 1 hour.

3. For the third time violation, your account will be suspended from broadcasting for 1 day.

4. For the fourth time violation, your account will be suspended for 3 days.

5. For the fifth time violation, your account will be suspended for 7 days.

Short Videos

1. This document, formulated in accordance with the VEMO Community Standards, is made to strengthen management and regulation on short video content and provide VEMO users with a healthy and harmonious platform for displaying and appreciating talents.

2. Definition of incompliant content: all short video content and comments should be strictly in compliance with provisions of the VEMO Community Standards, and certain rules shall be referred to as appropriate. Please see the VEMO Community Standards for further information.

3. Videos containing the following contents are strictly prohibited from being uploaded:

        1. Any speech against the country, the government, irreligious speech, or acts which insult or slander the government, the country or religions, for example:        


        2. Videos containing contents of sexual behavior performance or pornographic content are prohibited from spreading and playing.


        3. Any behaviors that expose private parts are prohibited, such as showing female’s breast, male or female’s buttocks, inner thigh or reproductive organs, wearing transparent clothes, or female doesn’t wear underpants.

        4. It is prohibited to spread or play gambling-related content. Behaviors such as broadcasting gambling or inciting others to gamble are not allowed.

        5. It is prohibited to expose others’ privacy, pose threat to others’ safety, imperil public interests, injure or kill others, mistreat animals, do bloody or violent behaviors, demonstrate guns or dress up like a terrorist.

        6. Spreading drugs is prohibited. It is not allowed to demonstrate drug samples, perform drug taking, spread drug use or injection methods, or introduce ways to make drugs.

        7. It is prohibited to damage the interest of the official platform, including behaviors like promoting competitive products, viciously soliciting and publishing fake ads.

        8. Knives or simulated knives that may harm life and health are prohibited from being used in videos;it is prohibited to perform extremely dangerous shows.

        9. It is prohibited to infringe others’ legal rights, such as:

4. The following contents should better not be uploaded, including but not limited to

        1. Short videos with a pure-colored cover or dim cover.

        2. Videos that are too short (no less than 5 seconds).

        3. Videos without any quality contents, such as static pictures, vague pictures, dim light or randomly taken videos.

        4. Any content that may make viewers uncomfortable, such as vulgar, horrible and terrifying videos.

        5. Definition of incompliant themes and comments, including but not limited to

                1. Inciting behaviors that may disturb social order, including regional assaulting, religious abuse and personal attacks.

                2. Any political topics that may cause or have caused bad influence.

                3. Comments containing promotional commercial ads.

        6. Classification of punishments

            Users conducting the behaviors above shall be prohibited from using certain functions and interacting with others. As to users with severe violations or breaking the rules repeatedly, their accounts might be frozen and they will no longer be able to use VEMO Live LIVE.

        7. VEMO Live reserves the final right of interpretation of this document, and VEMO Live has the right to change and publish this document.

        8. This document shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.

Pornographic Behavior

The display or cryptic display of the body sensitive parts with sexual feature via various ways during Video Chat is forbidden. For example:

1. The exposure of genital organ, female breasts, pubes, hips and other sensitive parts of the body in any way

2. The deliberate acts of fondling, touching or kneading the genital organ and other sensitive parts of the body in any way

3. The spread of any information which is related to sexual behavior, seductive behavior or sexual insult

4. The spread of the information which has been seriously violated others’ privacy, including the sneak shooting and other exposure of intimate body parts (including but not limit to the nude genital organ)

5. The spread of the harmful information of recruiting prostitution, one night sex, wife-swapping, sexual abuse, etc

6. The spread of erotic video materials, like games, comic and animation, films or AV, etc

7. The spread of the pornographic websites and other seductive material, including pictures, statement, songs, words, video clips and sound, etc.

8. Sexual behavior of the under-age people

Illegal and Criminal Behavior

The display conducted in Video Chat which involved life-threatening activity or the show of guns and knife tool is forbidden. For example:

1. The seriously dangerous shows involving guns and replica guns

2. The shows which are harmful to other’s life safety, like assaulting and threatening others

3. The shows which are harmful to own life safety, like self-mutilation and suicide

4. The shows which are harmful to animal’s life and health, like abusing the little animals

5. The shows which threaten other creatures’ life and health

6. The attire of terrorist (Regardless of headgear of any color)

Gamble and Drug Related Behavior

It’s forbidden to conduct any behavior against the national law and regulation in the process of Video Chat. For example:

1. All the information related to drugs including the display of drug sample and the spread of the process of drug-taking, drug-making and drug-injecting and the different way of them, etc.

2. Any behavior which involves the feature of gambling, in the form of playing cards + money and dice + money, etc. (Involving the lottery website)

3. The advertisement of competing products (Eg. The product with the platform of live broadcasting and short video sharing, like TUTU live、M LIVE、Kitty Live, BIGO, Elelive, etc.)

4. The advertisement and induction of joining the terroristic organization, etc.

Special Behavior

It’s forbidden to conduct any severe behavior in the process of Video Chat, including insulting, threatening, seducing, etc. For example:

1. Inducing others to perform pornographic show in any way (Including but not limit to send the gift wildly or the deal of money

2. Conducting the behavior of personal insult (Including but not limit to the insult through the words.)

3. Threatening the personal life security of others in any way